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Free Public IP Address Service (dev)

Published on 24.05.2023

Ever needed the user's IP but didn't want to write backend-scripts or didn't have access to it, because a reverse proxy returned a wrong address? (Well, look at that, I've just got the "perfect" solution for you.) We now offer our IP-Ser…

Hall Of Fame for Security Researchers (dev)

Published on 24.05.2023

Coming soon...…

Security and Pentesting (dev)

Published on 24.05.2023


  • All our Domains and Subdomains:

    • – (,,,– (Out of scope:
    • – (
    • – (www.timedi…

Fail2Ban (dev)

Published on 8.03.2023

(D)DoSing really harms us. We had many attemps to attack wide spread vulnerabilities, these use up a lot of bandwidth, which is already limited for us. We setup fail2ban now with in some cases strict rules. We noticed really high cases of DDOSing and Brute forcing via ssh. Please avoid unnecessary r…

Bye Cloudflare – New Plans for the Website (dev)

Published on 12.02.2023

Hey, as you may know I host this website @home and only use Cloudflare to protect my private internet access. But that will change. I found a very cheap VPS (for only 2€/Month) to do hosting myself in the future. So then the data will still be kept at my home, but the reverse proxying (to hide …

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