A Weirdo doing some cyber-IT thingies

(hacking you, ofc.)

Hey, I'm TimedIn! :)

I'm a 17-year-old high school student from Berlin, Germany. I do somewhat IT stuff, so programming, IT-Administration, Web-Development,-Hosting etc. Sometimes I publish various Tools and my Projects here, I do this mostly just for leaning by doing, so don't expect really that useful stuff and expect errors and flaws. I also publish the source-code and open-source projects downloads on my GitHub Account.

I'm a native German speaker, but I'll try my best to publish internationally in English, so please excuse mistakes and mixing of German and English languages here and on social media. Also, I'm slowly shifting the domain to www.timedin.net

Ideas and Requests

As I don't have a clear plan for "TimedIn" etc. I'm always very pleased to get tips, ideas and your opinion on my stuff but also request for maybe new projects and tools. Here on the beta page of timedin, you can use the little feedback box on the lower right side.